THC vs Steroid in Tempelhof

15. March, 2023

NK Domovina / Croatia Berlin / FZ vs THC Franziskaner FC 2.KF








Endstand: 4-4 (2-1)


  • 1-0
  • 1-1 Ricardo (Christian)
  • 2-1
  • 3-1
  • 3-2 Jonas (Koko)
  • 3-3 Koko (Alex)
  • 4-3
  • 4-4 Alex



  • Koko
  • Taler
  • Mica
  • Shahab
  • Max



  • Edi
  • Jakob
  • Pepper
  • Linda
  • Stevie


  • Tempelhof


13.03.23 – Tempelhof – 19:45

Everything was there for a real clash between the second and third teams of BEZIRKSLIGA ST.1, who were neck and neck in points before the kick-off. THC FRANZISKANER with the league’s best defence traveling to Tempelhof to face NK DOMOVINA and its relentless frontline, who were bullied on Lobeck’s pitch in September losing 6-3 to the notorious apes of Xberg.

The match started and so did the waves of showmanship from the opponent side. Let it be harassing THC’s world-class goalie, Cristian, or elbowing in every areal battle, which controversially rewarded them their first goal. DOMOVINA’s beef-cake of a striker shambolically pushed his way open past THC’s defence on an areal goal kick to score the first goal, which celebration was shorter than the 2015 Miss Universe runner-up’s. THC managed to hit in less than a minute after the first goal. Using the opponent’s tactic against them, Cristian sent a silky long ball upfront, which was intelligently scratched by Ricardo to find its goal-bound way. The first half continued to have numerous chances for THC to take the lead. Having hit the bar twice by Ricardo and Jonas the first half was unfortunately finished fruitless.

The Apes started the second half with determination of steel, to take the lead and respond to the opponent’s lack of sportsmanship with quality football. Like a well-oiled machine, THC managed to create chance after chance, which on any other day would have certainly resulted in a harsh goal margin between sides, but not today and not in Tempelhof!!! The opponent managed to take the lead in a corner kick and later even increased it in a counterattack. Despite the frustrating state of the game, the Apes kept composed to score their second goal. A smooth series of combinations between the defenders and wingers put Jonas in a 1v1 with the opponent’s defender, whom he cruelly sent to buy a hotdog by pulling an absolute beauty of a rollover, narrowing the margin with his reliable left foot.

The opponents pulled all possible cards out of their sleeves to slow the game down, some of which could possibly be more successful as actors and divers rather than footballers. They went so far as to claim that they do not have any balls -no pun intended!- to continue the match. All being said, Koko could not care less to score the equaliser! A powerful but precise long shot from almost the half-line tied the score once again.

The last ten minutes of the match were box-to-box fired up! The opponent managed to take the lead once again over a controversial corner kick. THC substitutions were not finished yet when the opponent started the game with a numerical advantage that was hidden from the referee, understandably given how hectic the match became towards the end. A few minutes later Alex scored a rocket of a goal, shushing the noisy fanbase!


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